About breed

Siberian / Neva Masquerade

BODY: medium-sized to large, muscular, heavy. Short thick neck, muscular limbs of medium length; paws compact, large, round, tufted between the toes. Tail length to shoulder blade, slightly tapering, evenly pubescent, with abundant undercoat.

HEAD: The head is short and broad with low set wide cheekbones, rounded muzzle and chin, slightly bulging forehead, smooth rounded contours and a small shift in the profile. The nose is broad, level throughout.

EARS: Medium size, wide at the base, with slightly rounded tips. Set well apart, slightly tilted forward.

EYES: Large, slightly oval with a rounded lower lid, set well apart and at a slight angle. Eye color should be uniform and in harmony with coat color. Assume any shade of yellow / gold to green. In color white van and eye color can be blue, maybe raznoglazie. In colors of eye color colorpoint always blue, the deeper the better.

HAIR: Medium length, with a very dense undercoat soft and fine texture, covered coarser coat. Dense, smooth and coats the back of a drop-down on the sides and tail top coat is shiny and water-repellent, texture hard, hard. The lower part of the body and back of the hind legs have no coat. On the neck, the chest, "pants", and especially long tail coat.

COLORS: Chocolate, cinnamon and corresponding weakening colors (lilac and fawn) are not recognized in any combinations (solid, bicolor, tricolor, tabby) in classic colors, and in the Neva Masquerade Variety. Burmesskie colors are also not recognized. All other colors are recognized. Any amount of white is permissible.

CHARACTER: The Siberian cat - the national pride of Russia. What Russian people have not heard of the existence of this, one of the most beautiful cats.

Neva Masquerade Siberian only differs from its color. Color-pointed (easier to say - Siamese), a very elegant color and bright blue eyes, became truly decorate the Siberian breed.

First of all, it's a great, very beautiful, which is attracting more and more attention and a genuine interest breed. Its representatives are different good health and high life expectancy.

It is very large, the concepts cat, animal, reaching 10.8 kg. Cats are much smaller and sleeker and the nature of cats they have a softer and more flexible. But nobody has been able to see this Neva Masquerade cat, keep exclamation of admiration!

For the full development and maturation sometimes take up to 5 years. Have well-developed bones and muscles strong. Very good jump, both in height and in length. Nimble and fearless hunters, if contained in the "free-range".

Wool is a great, thick, water-repellent. They molt twice a year, which greatly facilitates the struggle to maintain cleanliness in the house. This is one of the few breeds that knows and loves to take care of their hair. She also likes to host and combing her soft, silky coat. However, Nevas not need frequent brushing as their hair never falls.

Due to its high adaptability to different, including warm climates Neva Masquerade cats, as Siberians traditional colors, learned to "undress", ie in warmer, and even a hot climate, drop the "extra" hair in short change their beautiful fur coat on a lightweight coat, leaving the posh furry tail ...

Despite their apparently quite severe form, these cats have a calm, balanced character. This fearless defenders of their territory, and gentle, loyal friends of his master, and patient toys in the hands of children. However, to relate to other people, to say the least suspicion.

These cats are very fond of, when they communicate on an equal and appreciate their exceptional intelligence. This is a cat - partners in the definition. Have a sense of dignity. Are never intrusive, but love to talk with the owner, tell us about your business. At the same time they are very attentive and understanding audience. Agitated or upset the host can easily soothe and comfort the melodious cooing purr and quiet